VoiceRules is an on demand Communication and Analytics platform for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Businesses, to assist them in managing their Voice network both for inbound and outbound calls.

Fully manage all of your inbound and outbound voice communication in house without any experience in a self-service environment available on demand and manage your Local or Global inbound and outbound calls in-house with no technical knowledge and from anywhere.

Give your business an instant presence in 1000’s of cities around the world, in up to 54 Countries without commitment, overhead costs or investment and allow it to be scalable, flexible and managed from absolutely anywhere.

Quickly build profiles around call traffic and seamlessly filter and deliver calls to specific users or teams irrelevant of their geographical location or hardware.

Monitor effectiveness of General, Sales and Customer Service calls or individual Marketing Campaigns utilizing Analytics. Evaluate performance of your phone numbers, departments or users through an easy to use Dashboard.

Advanced features empower you to manage, monitor, track, route, record, and report on general, sales and support phone conversations from an easy to use Dashboard.

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