Phone Call Management For Global Entrepreneurs

With the exponential growth of location independent working environments has caused a great amount of new products and services directed around helping businesses and individuals run day-to-day management. Location Independence includes Remote Teams, Remote Workers, Digital Nomads, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs to name but a few.

These businesses or individuals have built their whole working environment around the ability to travel and work basically anywhere they want as long as they have a laptop, mobile and good WiFi.


Even though it may seem to the standard 9-5ers that this is the dream, it does also come with its challenges.  Self motivation and time management are probably two regular battles that these individuals have to endure, but having a whole team which works remotely can somewhat intensify the situation.

There are already a bunch of useful tools to manage Team Communication and Project Management, there are also other tools that can keep an individual motivated or help them to complete their daily tasks.

But as the world is more accessible for doing business, which is an exciting and achievable concept, but with this, managing these environments can become quite tricky.

Potential Issues

Customers not only want to communicate over email or live chat but they do also wish to have a conversation over traditional phone. Traditional Phone conversations are still one of the more popular methods when customers wish to query something before using or buying a product/service.

With click to call and click to connect from web sites or social media business pages including Facebook, Instagram and Google, means that offering local support when you and your team are moving across the globe is challenging.


There are many global voice platforms available including Skype and Sonetel which can help with an International presence and provide their customers with the a structure to do so.

Skype was originally built for calls between users and appealed more to the general public, as the calls are free for voice and the same for video calls to other Skype users.

Skype for business has been created to offer more support towards business that may not be fixed in any location and offers some support for multiple locations across the globe – albeit expensive for packages and individual calls is still a step in the right direction.

Sonetel offers international phone numbers in 50+ countries starting at $0.89c and continue to grow by the day selling individual numbers to Entrepreneurs around the world. Calls can also be slightly more expensive and they do also offer some functionality for routing calls to various destinations via intuitive features.


Another popular alternative in this space is VoiceRules

VoiceRules is here to fill a gap in the market. This gap has occurred through the growth of Location Independent setups.

The VoiceRules platform is a low cost Professional Call Management Suite that offers a variety of features all accessible through any browser or tablet.  No software needs to be local to the user to be able to use its features, in fact any device can be used for managing, monitoring and recording calls for individuals or small remote teams. It can even be used for personal calls from Family and Friends when on the move.

With development around WebRTC VoiceRules have enabled the user to have a fully functional phone platform at their fingertips. Users can not only buy International local Phone Numbers around the world for short term or long term use, but also empower the its customers to set those numbers up with ease to manage how calls are routed to Team Members wherever they may be in the world.

Customers can dial Local, National or Toll-free numbers so that they feel as though a business is a local, but in fact these businesses may not even have an office and may also be constantly moving across popular Work Hubs in South East Asia, for example.

VoiceRules has also developed a browser based telephone dialer. This digital handset can be used when dialling customers. Local numbers to those customers can be displayed on their handset when they receive a call. In turn when companies have inbound calls to themselves or their teams, these calls can be routed to appropriate users on local mobiles so that calls are never missed.

VoiceRules has also built an Analytics module which visually displays data to the user so that users can manage projects and see where calls are coming from, to who and can manage the results.

Amongst a whole bunch of other useful features and a development program introducing further solutions in this space, VoiceRules is seeing some incredible growth and even after its first week of launch has already accumulated 100+ customers.

They are currently offering a 7 day free trial at so check them out!

De-Stress with a Business Contact Number

Did you know that you can easily set yourself or your business up in 1000’s of cities instantly without even stepping foot or opening an office in that Country?

Well you can! With the increasing availability of Global Internet and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) means that you can setup a local or International presence for yourself or your business within minutes and with ease.

International Coverage

Phone numbers are available almost anywhere including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Australia.

This opens up a whole new and exciting ball game for new and existing Entrepreneurs and Businesses.

Saves Cost & Lets You Breathe

Before now to open a local business was a gamble and with the expense of having an office, telephone lines and staff could be an expensive one at that.

Having the ability to purchase local phone numbers on a short term rental basis means that corners can be cut to test a market before opening up shop there.

Virtual Numbers or Direct Inward Dialling (DID) numbers (as they are also known) can be used for a number of different reasons. Not only do they stop the need for individuals to give out their mobile numbers – keeping them private, but can be associated with particular campaigns so that companies can monitor Sales or Customer services calls from particular regions to identify which projects are a success or not or to monitor where a business needs more growth/attention.

Compete on an International Stage

Usually these numbers and associated benefits were only available to larger organisations, with the rapid movement of VoIP means that such services are also available to Entrepreneurs or Small to Medium Businesses (SMB’s).

Numbers can be managed by non-technical individuals directly which means that directing calls to who ever you want when ever you want takes the pressure off having full time staff.

Calls can be routed Call Centres, Virtual Receptionists or any of your team members around the world no matter where they are or what technology they are using.

You may also display your number when calling your customers. If you wish to display a local number to your caller when dialling them this can be also be achieved with little effort. This gives your customer the feeling that you are local to them which in turn builds rapport, even if you may be on the other side of the world to them or on a vacation.

Click to Connect

With the rise in Click to Connect features for Social platforms (including Facebook and Instagram) and direct from a Company web site indicates that your customers wish to contact you when they need to via whatever means possible.

This demand means that businesses need to rethink how they are managing/implementing this process, and with what solutions dependent on their individual requirements or situation.

Low Cost Maximum Impact

The good news is you don’t need to employ a full time receptionist or layout serious cost to project yourself as being a large company when in fact it might only be you and a small team in your business.

A Virtual Number opens up new doors and opportunities, if you haven’t considered them yet then maybe you should.

Numbers can be purchased or rented as low as $1.00 each per month and when attached to a sophisticated Phone Call Management solution can catapult your business into an international market within minutes.

Come test drive our platform with a 7 day free trial at

Click to Call – What is it and how can it help my business?

Click to Call, also known as click to dial or click for talk, is one of the latest marketing strategies where a VoIP setup can be used to convert incoming web traffic into a voice call. The Click to Call services offered by hosted telephonic service providers such as VoiceRules allows for instant connectivity in real time. The phone numbers of a company are displayed as hyperlinks on an advertisement, webpage or even an email, and potential customers can initiate a call by simply clicking on the hyperlink. The Click-to-Call service can be used through any advanced smartphone or computer with internet access. VoiceRules’ Click-to-Call services can be availed for a nominal monthly fee. Here is how your business can benefit from Click to Call:

Optimizing Online Sales Opportunities

By giving your website visitors a quick and easy means to reach out to you through the Click to Call option, you can truly optimize online sales opportunities. In addition to this, the ability to reach out to you instantly, helps build the buyers’ faith in your service. Since they know they can reach out to you by simple click of a button, if need be, the risk of abandoned sales and visitor bounce rate is reduced considerably.

Improved marketing effectiveness

The ultimate aim of putting your services out there in the online realm is to reach out to a wider base of potential customers. The data gathered through Click to Call helps you understand your customer base better, thereby giving you the advantage of posturing your marketing strategy to meet those needs. What makes them click to call you? What is nature of enquiries like? Which products of services prompt most number of calls? An analysis of these trends can help you market yourself more effectively.

Boosting Customer Relations

A Henley Centre study says a whopping 65 percent of consumers are likely to stick to a company that seems to care about its customers, even if its competitors are offering better financial deals. The Click to Call button holds the key to boosting customer relationships. First of all, with a hosted telephone network, such as those offered by VoiceRules, you can be available to respond to customers reaching out to you through Click-to-Call services round the clock, as you have a working telecommunication network that works on the go. This also accords the customers an upper hand, as they can reach out to you at their own convenience and with minimal time lapse. This makes for a seamless interaction between you and your customers, thereby demonstrating a positive approach toward customer responsiveness.