Working Remotely – Phone Contact Management

Not so long ago, working remotely meant having to invest in a Virtual Private Network for communication and spending a sizeable chunk of money on expensive propriety systems, and even then a seamless communication network could not be guaranteed. Slow connections and poor voice quality were some of the most common hiccups that affected both the productivity and quality of work. However, the advent of cloud-based communication systems has changed all of that. Communication management through collaborative tools is now a ubiquitous facility offered by cloud communication vendors such as VoiceRules.

Effective Communication at low cost

There is no undermining the importance of effective communication in bringing in productivity to work and making even the smallest of workplaces more efficient. With cloud communication systems offering just that, more and more SMEs and entrepreneurs operating from remote offices, with other members of their team spread over different physical locations across the globe, are turning their ventures into success stories. The foremost advantage of cloud-based unified communication services is the low cost of operations. This is particularly crucial for SMEs and Entrepreneurs, who usually operate on a shoe-string budget.

High-end Telephony minus the Cost and Contract Term

By simply hosting a telephonic network over the cloud, you can eliminate the need to invest in a full-blown traditional telephonic system and ensure its upkeep and maintenance. The charges for cloud-based communication system are often service based, which means you only pay for what you use. This also opens up room for having access to high end telephonic facilities usually adopted by multi-nationals and big corporations.

Service providers such as VoiceRules are taking the concept to cloud-based communication system to a whole new level by offering services packed with sophisticated features that include multiple voicemail options with automated attendants, inbound and outbound call facilities, international numbers, call forwarding and recording options, transferring voicemail to email, VoIP calling facility through an easy-to-use app that works on both smartphones and desktop computers. The VoiceRules services are launched and installed through a three-phase process, designed to ensure a seamless user experience.

Flexible Services with Scope for Scalability

Flexibility in the terms of services that you want to use or add or drop along the way, scalability to expand the telephonic network as your business grows, the freedom to communicate with team members who may be miles apart as if you were working in the same office, 24/7 accessibility and backup system, and zero maintenance requirements make cloud-based communication networks, such as that offered by VoiceRules, the most appropriate choice for single entrepreneurs as well as small and medium sized businesses.

Cloud-based communication services bring to you the freedom to operate like a professional organisation even when you are operating out of a single-room office located within your home, on the beach or sitting in your local coffee shop.

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Benefits of Telephony for Entrepreneur’s and Remote Teams


With the concept of cloud-based solutions for different technological needs fast catching pace, more and more businesses today are migrating from the world of premises-based communication networks to hosted telephony. In the yesteryears, business organizations and entrepreneurs had no alternative but to set up the paraphernalia of telephone networks to keep their business operations going, irrespective of the size of the organization. The investment in installation and upkeep of these telephonic systems often proved to be a costly affair for smaller organization operating with limited financial resources. However, the advent of cloud-based telephonic solutions such as those offered by VoiceRules has changed the way businesses communicate. Here are some key benefits of cloud telephony for entrepreneurs and professional business communication:

Making Business Operations More Competent

Fully interactive communication platforms like those offered by VoiceRules are designed to help entrepreneurs focus on their core business without having to deal with the hassles of having a telephonic network installed and maintained from time to time. Besides, you can use the capital allocated for PBX installation for other aspects of business operations, and avail the most high-end services at a fraction of the cost of traditional PBX systems.

More Services at a Lower Cost

Most start-ups and SMEs launching operations in the present times aim to reach out to a global audience, but their limited financial resources may not allow them to have typical telephone platforms that can support intricate communication network required for a global approach. With a fully supported environment offered by VoiceRules, even the smallest companies can tap the full potential of effective communication solutions through features such as making and receiving international calls, high SMS delivery rate, latency free connectivity, and high voice quality.

Network Outages A Thing of Past

Natural disasters such as storms, floods, earthquakes or even mishaps like a fire breakout can strike anytime and bring your business operations to a grinding halt. However, with cloud-based phone services, you don’t have to grapple with network outages at all. The resilient architecture used by leading players like VoiceRules makes sure that your telephone networks remain unaffected by any natural disaster or accident striking your workplace. You can have complete access to your telephone system should you choose to operate out of a different location in such a scenario.


One of the biggest highlights of hosted telephonic networks is the scope for scalability. You can add infinite users, gain access to high-end features or drop the facilities included in your package by simply upgrading or downgrading to a different package. This means you have the freedom to use and pay for services that are relevant for your business operations at any given time. Allowing your business to grow organically.

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Cost-efficient communication management solutions from VoiceRules

Running a start-up or a small and medium enterprise is among the toughest jobs in the world. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, owner of an SME or a freelancer, wearing several hats as you go along managing your business is a routine activity and something that you simply can’t avoid. Small businesses and their owners operate on a shoestring budget.

Communication as an important business tool

Despite the constraints, there’s one thing that no enterprise can avoid – implementing a sophisticated and efficient communication management platform. Finding an effective communications platform that fits one’s budget is a daunting task and despite the claims by several companies operating in this field, there aren’t many options when it comes to the cost-efficient, robust and efficient system. It’s therefore critical to find the right solution to leverage communication as a business tool.

Efficient and Effective

VoiceRules is an innovative communication management solution that aims at delivering low cost and technologically advanced solutions. A communication platform need not be complicated and expensive. Application of sophisticated technology can make it not just easy to implement and manage but also reduces its cost significantly. VoiceRules’ communication platform leverages technology to deliver the best in class services.

High End Features

The primary features of this platform include configuring international numbers with the communication management system to handle inbound and outbound calls, automating the call management process by installing an IVR system and Call Recording. But, the USPs of this platform lie much beyond these basic functions. VoiceRules delivers highly valuable analytical information that is accessible even from your smartphone. The call data, such as the location of the callers, their service requirements, the number of times they called, IVR options selected by them, persons they spoke with and the duration of their calls, are analysed to generate useful and insightful analytical information that can be used for quick and accurate decision making.

All this information is available in real-time and can be accessed from an iOS or Android app. VoiceRules offers enterprise level communication solutions for as low as US$6. The communication network operates seamlessly with Zero Latency, and the calls are routed over reliable networks. The result is uninterrupted, clear and low noise calls and highly synthesised and sophisticated analytical information.

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How To Manage Small Business Communication With Little Or No Infrastructure

A major hurdle faced by most of the SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs is the lack of a self-sufficient and reliable communication systems. Technology has made it possible for enterprises to serve customers on a global scale, hire employees from any international location. Nowadays the same is available to those smaller businesses and also allow them to operate without the need to have a permanent office.

Importance of an efficient Communication Platform

An entrepreneur, in this digital age, can work from anywhere and have a clientele spread all over the world. Although it offers great opportunities, it also poses some major challenges in handling communication. It’s very likely that you work from the US, have a call centre in the Philippines, a technical support team in India and graphic designers somewhere in Europe. Your clients may be from diverse geographical locations such as Australia, Europe and other parts of the US.

Does it look cumbersome to manage a communication network efficiently among all these stakeholders? It doesn’t have to if you have VoiceRules! VoiceRules is an easy to use, on-demand, cost efficient and a totally automated communications platform that lets you receive calls from anywhere in the world, record automated responses, set IVR menus, route and reroute calls to your workforce spread across the world and much more.

Voice Communication On Demand

VoiceRules is a complete communications package that enables small and medium enterprises, office-less, freedom and lifestyle business and freelancers to manage their communications efficiently without the need to invest in a physical infrastructure. An effective communication system is not just the prerogative of large enterprises; even a micro start-up can avail a similar high-quality communication management platform without spending a fortune implementing it.

VoiceRules operates in a simple and yet highly efficient manner. It requires you to have an international number on which your clients could call. The number is configured with a sophisticated call management platform that allows it to connect to the relevant person by requesting the customers to select the appropriate IVR option. Your call data and the options chosen by your callers is integrated into an analytical dashboard accessible even on your iOS and Android phones giving you an insight into your customers’ behaviour enabling you to make better and quick decisions when monitoring performance.

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